kin list

me 100%

scott summers ⋆ x men

all iterations, some noncanon
he is me and i am him

no doubles please and thank you!

core id's

armin arlert ⋆ attack on titan
peter quill ⋆ guardians of the galaxy
orpheus ⋆ hadestown
neil perry ⋆ dead poets society

doubles iffy, ask first


roy harper ⋆ dc
tim wright ⋆ marble hornets
eijiro kirishima ⋆ my hero academia
simon blackquill ⋆ ace attorney
jonathan crane ⋆ dc
nisihki nishio ⋆ tokyo ghoul
silver ⋆ sonic the hedgehog

doubles okay, roy and tim are iffy


eggs ⋆ boxtrolls
quasimodo ⋆ disney's hunchback
kitty pryde ⋆ x men
newt scamander ⋆ harry potter
agent 8 ⋆ splatoon

doubles totally okay


teddy flood ⋆ westworld
harry potter ⋆ harry potter
dustin armstrong ⋆ lisa the rpg
james barnes ⋆ marvel
ginshi shirazu ⋆ tokyo ghoul: re
charlie holloway ⋆ prometheus
clay terran ⋆ ace attorney

doubles totally okay